When It’s Time to Move

Relocating from one state to another can be stressful and the more stuff you own, the worse it can be. Questions pop up like, should we take the bedroom set or what about the dining room table and chairs? My family has moved many times through the years and it’s never easy making those decisions. In every instance, it comes down to this: take everything with to the new place or consider junk it hauling? There is good and bad to both sides of the coin. Take all possessions and you don’t have the hassle of shopping for replacement or the cost of trading in. On the other hand, if you throw up your hands and opt to leave it behind, you save on the professional mover fees, which can add up quickly! You also have the chance to try to sell the old furniture and gain some extra cash to invest anew. Naturally, this is a personal decision that only you can make. We had to tackle the problem every time we were in the position to move. In each individual time frame, the method changed. It all depended on the particular time and place we were going to. I do recall one time that we left everything behind because we had to move within a short period of time. That turned out to be a mistake as we ended up having to pay much more for our new furniture than if we had hung on to the old.

My suggestion to all you folks who are looking at a potential long distance relocation is to think hard and take all things into consideration before jumping into anything that you might regret. Another aspect to look at is your children. Sometimes, moving is traumatic for youngsters. It includes leaving all of their friends, schools and even organizations like sports, etc. If their furniture is important to them it could ease their journey into unknown territory if they are allowed to take their stuff with them to the new place. Adults don’t always deal with change that well so it can be twice as difficult for the kids.

In the long run, the decision is yours and yours, alone. Hopefully, it will be the right one!

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