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My 6 year old niece asked me to help with her homework assignment recently. It brought back memories of things that I learned in elementary school. My niece’s class was learning words and rhyming. She had two was a list of words that rhyme and the other had a group of words that had to be matched up with the first list.


Here’s an example of both columns and how my niece paired them up:


Rowing boat                                                                                                                       

Sowing farm

Mowing grass

Towing service

Glowing bright

Flowing water

Stowing cargo


As you can see, she rates an A plus for getting everything right. I am so proud of this little girl!

Her teacher said that she had the highest grade among her fellow students. The point of the lesson was for the children to recognize sounds that sounded alike and also to test their knowledge on the meaning of different words. It’s good to know that some schools are still using the tried and true basics that I grew up on. I hear so much lately how certain curriculums in elementary and middle schools have dropped some of the old-timey teachings and maybe that’s not a positive move.


On one visit to my niece’s school, I couldn’t help but notice an absence of blackboards. Now that was a highlight of school life in my day…cleaning the blackboards and taking the erasers outside and pounding two of them together to clean off the chalk dust. The teachers’ pets usually got to do those chores so many of us kids strived to get on teacher’s good side. Of course, being I’m a bit long in the tooth, there were no computers, just books. I have heard that many schools don’t provide time for recess anymore. What a shame! Youngsters have always and still do, need a time out to exercise and run off the stress of being stuck behind a desk for X amount of time. We didn’t have cell phones back in the day but we still slyly managed to communicate with our friends while in class. Many a folded up note was passed from student to student until it reached the intended recipient. I smile when I think about those little writings as I remember how often the teacher caught the party guilty of sending it.


Well, that’s my jaunt down memory lane.


In spite of all the things that have changed in the school systems, I guess they must be doing something right, given how well my niece is doing! Kudos to her and her teacher!


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