Hauling Lakeland

I’ve always been the type of person who thinks of a vacation away from my home in Lakeland as only being perfect if I stay in a good motel, eat out at restaurants with fabulous food and sit by the pool. The thought of sleeping and fixing my own meals while traveling for days or weeks on end across the country in a “box” pretty much goes against my nature. It’s a vacation, after all, and I really don’t  cherish the idea of cooking and cleaning when I’m supposed to be relaxing. Many times I watched my neighbor preparing for days to go on the road in a camper. She would pack dishes and silverware, along with bedding and non-perishable food items to take along as they traveled. Then, there’s the thought of parking in a crowded RV park and using the community shower facilities but worst of all is the personal hygiene aspect (toilets, to be frank.) I’m a city born and raised kind of girl. I want the comfort of home even if I’m away from home. I can’t afford to have domestic help in my Lakeland house but I love the idea of maid service that I can get while staying in a motel. If I am fortunate enough to be able to get time away from the “grind” I want the whole vacation experience. I don’t want to ride in a “house on wheels” or sit in a car that is hauling the “house.” In short, I am definitely not a hauling Lakeland enthusiast! When my family and friends get a “wish you were here” postcard from me, I will be sitting at a desk in a AAA motel or hotel room, waiting for the hamburger that I ordered from room service.


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